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Variables or Magic words are strings of text that SufiWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names.


Behaviour switches

A behaviour switch controls the layout of the page. They are written as a magic word wrapped with double underscores.

Word Description Versions
Table of contents
__NOTOC__ Hides the table of contents (TOC).
__FORCETOC__ Forces the table of content to appear at its normal position (above the first header).
__TOC__ Places a table of contents at the word's current position (overriding __NOTOC__). If this is used multiple times, the table of contents will appear at the first word's position.
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the section edit links beside headings.
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ Adds a link (("+" by default) beside the "edit" tab for adding a new section on a non-talk page (see [1]). 1.7+
__NOGALLERY__ Used on a category page, replaces thumbnails in the category view with normal links. 1.7+
__HIDDENCAT__ Used on a category page, hides the category from the lists of categories in its members and parent categories (hidden categories can be made visible using CSS). 1.13+
Language conversion
On wikis with language variants, don't perform any content language conversion (character and phase) in article display; for example, only show Chinese (zh) instead of variants like zh_cn, zh_tw, zh_sg, or zh_hk.
On wikis with language variants, don't perform language conversion on the title (all other content is converted).
__END__ Explicitly marks the end of the article, to prevent MediaWiki from removing trailing whitespace (does not seem to work anymore).
__START__ No effect.


The syntax of variables is similar to templates, but capitalized to help avoid conflicts. If a template has the same name and case as a variable, the variable will be used. Usage of the template can be forced by adding the "msg:" modifier (for example, "{{msg:CURRENTYEAR}}"). In some cases, adding parameters will force the parser to treat a variable as a template; for example, {{CURRENTDAYNAME|x}} tries to transclude "Template:CURRENTDAYNAME".

Date & time

The following variables return the current date and time according to the user's timezone preferences, defaulting to the UTC timezone.

Variable Output Description Versions
{{CURRENTYEAR}} 2021 Year
{{CURRENTMONTH}} 05 Month (zero-padded number)
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} May Month (name)
{{CURRENTMONTHNAMEGEN}} May Month (genitive form)
{{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} May Month (abbreviation) 1.5+
{{CURRENTDAY}} 13 Day of the month (unpadded number)
{{CURRENTDAY2}} 13 Day of the month (zero-padded number) 1.6+
{{CURRENTDOW}} 4 Day of the week (unpadded number)
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Thursday Day of the week (name)
{{CURRENTTIME}} 17:58 Time (24-hour HH:mm format)
{{CURRENTHOUR}} 17 Hour (24-hour zero-padded number)
{{CURRENTWEEK}} 19 Week (number)
{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} 20210513175817 ISO 8601 time stamp 1.7+

The following variables do the same as the above, but using the site's local timezone instead of user preferences and UTC:

  • {{LOCALDAY}}
  • {{LOCALDAY2}}
  • {{LOCALDOW}}

Technical metadata

Revision variables return data about the latest edit to the current page, even if viewing an older version of the page.

Variable Output Description Versions
{{SITENAME}} SufiWiki The wiki's site name ($wgSitename).
{{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.18.1 The wiki's MediaWiki version. 1.7+
{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} en The wiki's default interface language ($wgLanguageCode)
Latest revision to current page
{{REVISIONID}} 598 Unique ID
{{REVISIONDAY}} 13 Day edit was made (unpadded number)
{{REVISIONDAY2}} 13 Day edit was made (zero-padded number)
{{REVISIONMONTH}} 03 Month edit was made (unpadded number)
{{REVISIONYEAR}} 2011 Year edit was made
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} 20110313220638 Timestamp as of time of edit


Numbers returned by these variables contain number separators, but can return raw numbers with the ":R" flag (for example, {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} = 442 and {{NUMBEROFPAGES:R}} = 442).

Variable Output Description Versions
Entire wiki
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} 442 Number of wiki pages. 1.7+
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} 56 Number of pages in main namespace.
{{NUMBEROFFILES}} 107 Number of uploaded files. 1.5+
{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} 1,495 Number of page edits. 1.10+
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} 164 Number of registered users. 1.7+
{{NUMBEROFADMINS}} 2 Number of users in in the sysop group. 1.7+
Per namespace
{{PAGESINNS:2}} Template:PAGESINNS:0 Number of pages in the given namespace (replace 2 with the relevant namespace ID). Disabled by default, enable with $AllowSlowParserFunctions. 1.7+

URL data


Variable Output Description Versions
{{SERVER}} domain URL ($wgServer)
{{SERVERNAME}} domain name ($wgServerName)
{{SCRIPTPATH}} relative script path ($wgScriptPath)
{{localurl:page name}}
{{localurl:page name|query string}}
/index.php?title=Page_name&query string
relative path to title
{{fullurl:page name}}
{{fullurl:page name|query string}} string
absolute path to title

Page names

Variable Output Description Versions
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Help:Variables Namespace and page title.
{{PAGENAME}} Variables Page title.
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Variables Page title excluding the current subpage and namespace ("Title" on "Title/foo"). 1.7+
{{SUBPAGENAME}} Variables The subpage title ("foo" on "Title/foo"). 1.6+
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} Help:Variables The namespace and title of the associated content page. 1.7+
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Help talk:Variables The namespace and title of the associated talk page. 1.7+

The following are URL-encoded equivalents:



Variable Output Description Versions
{{NAMESPACE}} Help Namespace (name)
{{SUBJECTSPACE}} Help Name of the associated content namespace
{{TALKSPACE}} Help talk Name of the associated talk namespace

The following are URL-encoded equivalents:


{{ns:}} returns the localized namespace name for that number of constant. The default values are:

Usage Output
{{ns:-2}} or {{ns:Media}} Media
{{ns:-1}} or {{ns:Special}} Special
{{ns:0}} or {{ns:Main}}
{{ns:1}} or {{ns:Talk}} Talk
{{ns:2}} or {{ns:User}} User
{{ns:3}} or {{ns:User_talk}} User talk
{{ns:4}} or {{ns:Project}} SufiWiki
{{ns:5}} or {{ns:Project_talk}} SufiWiki talk
{{ns:6}} or {{ns:Image}} File
{{ns:7}} or {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk
{{ns:8}} or {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} or {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk
{{ns:10}} or {{ns:Template}} Template
{{ns:11}} or {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk
{{ns:12}} or {{ns:Help}} Help
{{ns:13}} or {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk
{{ns:14}} or {{ns:Category}} Category
{{ns:15}} or {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk
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