Aisha Zaahida

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She was the paternal aunt of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) She was a very kind and pious woman. Her entire life was spent in the remembrance of Almighty Allah. The people of Jilan were very familiar with her piety and her sincerity in Ibadah. They used to always go to her in times of need and hardship and request her to make Du’a.

Once, there was a very lengthy drought in Jilan, which resulted in a severe shortage of food and water. The people of Jilan prayed to Almighty Allah for rain, but to no avail. Finally, they turned to Sayyidah Aisha Zaahida (ra) and requested her to pray for rain. After listening to their request she went into the courtyard of her humble home and began to sweep the dust into one corner. When she was finished sweeping, she said with great sincerity: “O’Allah! My job was to sweep up the dust. All that is left now is for You to do is the sprinkling.” She just completed saying these words, when dark clouds began to gather and it began to rain, thus breaking the lenghty drought in Jilan. She lived in the city of Jilan until her demise. May Allah shower His Mercy upon her.

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